Water Resources

Water Resources

Water Resource Engineering from BDI

Baskerville-Donovan, Inc. (BDI) has developed a strong reputation as an industry leader in water resources engineering.

Our professionals understand the critical role that the water resources engineer plays in the responsible and progressive development of public infrastructure.


Our civil experience ranges from offering solutions for challenging drainage issues in isolated rural communities to huge, major highways, public parks, golf courses, governmental facilities, military sites, airfields, sports stadiums, and commercial site plans. BDI is frequently praised for satisfying our client’s needs. Our experts deliver projects that are innovative, cost-effective, and completed ahead of schedule; our civil engineers are skilled, proactive, and equipped to handle any programmatic or technical challenge.

Ric Delp, CSI/CDT

Water Resources Market Director/VP

Areas of Expertise

Wastewater Treatment

BDI has completed numerous recent wastewater treatment projects throughout Florida and Alabama, including the design of facilities ranging from advanced treatment plants and membrane bioreactors (MBR) to secondary treatment level plants. The design of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) is centered on the effluent disposal limits. For many clients, these effluent limits are established by public-access reuse at golf courses, application at rapid infiltration basin sites, and future alternative locations. The effluent limits are analyzed to the influent characteristics of the waste stream and used to establish the treatment process design requirements. Our engineers have enjoyed recent success in re-rating WWTPs.

Because we are primarily focused on local government clients, we are particularly sensitive to the unique expectations for locally managed wastewater treatment facilities. Our engineers work closely with each client to establish the most effective means of treatment, ensuring that the client is ultimately satisfied with the treatment processes and equipment they desire for operations.

Wastewater Collection

Our company has designed almost every type of collection system utilized in the southeastern region, including gravity, low pressure, vacuum, and the pretreatment effluent pumping system. Our team has a broad spectrum of experience designing and permitting all types of new and rehabilitation projects commonly encountered throughout the southeast. BDI has assisted communities in Florida and Alabama minimize their Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) problems with sewer system evaluation study (SSES) work. We are available to apply SSES, I&I rehabilitation, and new collection system design expertise to meet the needs of any client, large or small.

Water Treatment

BDI has completed numerous water supply and treatment projects throughout Florida and Alabama, including designs for facilities ranging from smaller well fields to a 48 MGD high-rate ballasted flocculation water treatment plant. Our approach to water treatment plant design is based on the drinking water standard limits and the constituents found in the water supply source. The water sources and constituents are thoroughly evaluated as we work with the client to establish their water supply and treatment process requirements.

Water Distribution

BDI is proficient in the design and permitting of water transmission and distribution systems. This includes storage systems (both elevated and ground storage), pumping stations, and pipelines of all sizes. Our team has the personnel to provide the solution for any water distribution system including all mainline equipment and related appurtenances. Our engineers have extensive knowledge in our service area and are qualified to design and permit all new and rehabilitation project types associated with distribution systems. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of communities solve flow, pressure, chlorine residual, contaminant removal, biofouling, and leak problems.

Pump Station Design and Rehabilitation

Our firm has completed hundreds of water and wastewater pump station design and rehabilitation projects. These projects have ranged from the rehabilitation of small 100 GPM wastewater lift stations to new 60 MGD water supply pump station projects.

These improvements include the rehabilitation or replacement of wastewater lift stations that require repair because of their current condition. Our engineers have managed and executed all aspects of SSES work to meet I&I reductions for our clients. We have managed and executed the rehabilitation of entire local government collection systems. This experience includes rehabilitation of the pump stations including entire wet wells, pumps and piping, and electrical controls and instrumentation.

Special Services, Feasibility Studies, and Planning

BDI is experienced in assisting our clients with the preparation of high-quality Feasibility Studies, Modeling, and Planning documents. We understand that these studies provide vital information; information that is essential to determining specific infrastructural priorities and needs. Our Regional Offices have extensive experience in water and wastewater master planning, hydraulic modeling, GIS, cost estimating, field evaluations, and obtaining creative project funding. Our local teams feature highly-competent water resource professionals who bring experience working on these projects for municipal systems across the southeast. Our team collaborates closely with client staff to fully understand the project goals and objectives and ensure that our client’s expectations are exceeded.