Coastal Engineering

Coastal Engineering Services from BDI

Over the years, BDI has established a reputation as a premier firm in the Northwest Florida region. BDI maintains one of the most technically proficient heavy-civil design groups in the Southeast.

Our civil engineers are very competent and experienced in the design, permitting, and construction management of local government civil projects and an extensive variety of other Coastal and Marine projects.

Coastal Engineering project by Baskerville-Donovan 4

We offer engineering services to both public and private clients for the planning, designing, and building of coastal and waterfront recreation projects. We offer a wide range of services, including planning, permits, design, and construction. The projects range from mooring fields and park facilities to seawalls, bulkheads, shoreline promenades, and shoreline amenities. They also include boat ramps and marine launch facilities, boardwalks and beach accesses, docks and marinas, fishing piers, jetties, groins, breakwaters, and shoreline stabilization structures. BDI is consistently recognized for meeting the needs of our customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Michael Langston, P.E.

Civil Market Director/VP