Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Services from BDI

BDI civil engineers have built a strong reputation as the industry’s top designers for the complete spectrum of civil infrastructure projects since 1927.

Our team has the expertise, drive, and technical resources to bring success regardless of the project’s size or scope.

Our civil experience ranges from offering solutions for challenging drainage issues in isolated rural communities to huge, major highways, public parks, golf courses, governmental facilities, military sites, airfields, sports stadiums, and commercial site plans. BDI is frequently praised for satisfying our client’s needs. Our experts deliver projects that are innovative, cost-effective, and completed ahead of schedule; our civil engineers are skilled, proactive, and equipped to handle any programmatic or technical challenge.

Michael Langston, P.E.

Civil Market Director/VP

Areas of Expertise

Stormwater and Drainage

BDI has designed hundreds of large-scale stormwater management and drainage projects for local governments across the southeast. Designing buried pipe systems, ditches, stormwater retention, detention ponds, lakes, reservoirs, overflow structures, outfalls, channels, canals, dams, bridges, culverts, and basin modeling are just a few of the projects we have worked on. Drainage plans and studies for cities and counties, residential subdivisions, business projects, roadways, bridges, and industrial parks have all been a part of our project experience in this field. In every case, we focus on providing environmentally friendly, logistically coordinated, and permittable stormwater solutions.

Master Planning/Basin Studies

Planning for and controlling the magnitude and route of large-scale drainage systems and basins is an area of design that has substantial public safety and public policy implications. Our engineers have been involved in this area of professional practice for decades; collectively, our staff has amassed an impressive portfolio of successful consulting experience. Our civil team uses cutting-edge technologies to develop hydrologic and hydraulic models with a georeferenced graphic system.

Our clients have come to expect that a BDI master plan will result in a cost-effective, environmentally sound, and socially acceptable design; a design that considers future development and the emerging infrastructural needs of the local community. Over time, our engineers have come to realize that the effectiveness and quality of individual drainage designs are entirely a result of the parent master plan. In every case, the well-conceived stormwater master plan provides a reliable, comprehensive technical framework for future decision-making and public investment.

Surface Water Restoration

We are proud of our reputation as a cutting-edge firm. Our staff is consistently learning, we are part of a wide variety of training and continuing education programs. In the field of stormwater management, one of the emerging areas of public concern is the quality of our local inland surface waterways. This new area of our practice involves the integration of both the civil stormwater and environmental engineering disciplines. Once again, BDI is at the forefront of this important issue. For our local government clients, it is critical that our engineers develop strong technical capabilities in developing areas of public concern.

Stormwater Initiatives

At BDI we understand the need for local control and involvement in addressing the complex stormwater issues typical to southern coastal and inland communities. As always, we remain acutely aware of both the technological and programmatic aspects of this important public issue. Once again, our services are not limited to traditional engineering planning and design. We get involved; our non-traditional services are designed to assist our clients in making progressive, informed policy decisions.


Over the years, our experience has demonstrated that innovation comes from a single, irreplaceable asset – its people. Our team has completed a wide range of large-scale highway and airfield transportation projects for local municipalities, counties, federal agencies, and both the Florida and Alabama Departments of Transportation.